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Major medical health insurance  

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Major medical insurance is designed to protect you against losses from catastrophic illness or injury. It is usually an extremely broad coverage policy with a unlimited maximum coverage benefit. 

Your primary concern should always be this - is my health insurance plan rich in benefits for the coverage that matters most? Purchasing a major medical plan can be very confusing for my clients. There is a lot more to your health insurance costs than just the premium. For example, the deductible, co-payments and yearly co-insurance amounts must be evaluated. In comparing plans you need to know why one plan "overall cost" and out of pocket liability is better than another.

That is why you need my knowlege and expertise to navigate the maize. I help you purchase a plan for your individual and family situation that has the best benefits for the less out of pocket dollar exposure for the best priced monthly premium.

Finding the right health insurance plan is the best move to ensure the health and security of both you and your family.


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